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the last glimpse

He waved at her. Amidst the crowd, it felt like they're on the center stage. It's only him and her portraying a Romeo and Juliet act. And suddenly nothing else matters. She wanted to run towards him and feel his hands against her back, her face on his chest. His smile that made her forget everything that has happened between the two of them, scared her like hell. A throbbing pain piercing through her chest made her stop and realize that she could not go on like this forever. She has to endure the thought of seeing him leave, of accepting the fact that he could never be hers...never again . That was all there is in the game of love, after all. Somebody wins, someone else loses.

That encounter mounted to another one, and still another. Temporary goodbyes could be as hard as taking an exam, but permanent ones could be both hard and painful as lifting a heavy person all over you. They say journeys end in lover's meeting. And what starts when they have to part?

He waved at her. It's all the same - it's hard to see him leave and leave him, as well. I'm afraid, but it would be what it's supposed to be ---something like the last glimpse.