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shadow no more

We all have our own set of stories. Each one has his own share of heartaches. A few swears happily ever after. A lot confesses damn never ever.

And never ever can we also tell when to let the entire reasons rule over the slanted ego and battered emotions. At some point, during the most unexpected hours of the day, you’d realize, “Hey there’s some mushroom popping out of nowhere.” Someone will yell at you, “It’s been there since then. What took you so long to finally get hold of the reality that’s been craving for your undivided attention?” We often take for granted what’s always been there all along. And we’d only be lucky enough not to be too late to appreciate. Why search for some tall sycamore tree when in fact plenty of fast-growing fungi are out there. Aiming for the unattainable is not always that practical. Pining ourselves too tightly to some gigantic dream makes us forget about simple things and plain happiness. Yes. Happiness. What used to make you so damn happy is now a shadow you’d have to get rid of, though you know for a fact it would have to remind you every time that it’s with you…it will be with you, will always be with you.

However, every shadow disappears just like that once you’ve found your shade. It’s your choice, your call….. It has always been yours. Given the choice between shadow and light, I’d choose light……every time. Not just for convenience, not just for reassurance. For once, one has to be strong enough to feel lucky, to feel at ease that for the first time, she has seen the light….her light….her sun.