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Cotto-Margarito II

December 3, 2011, live at Madison Square Garden, the place that boxing-enthusiasts around calls "The Mecca", Cotto-Margarito II is on.

The biggest fight to end the year 2011. The much anticipated revenge for Cotto. And for Margarito, this is the fight that will end all controversies and shut off naysayers.

From the first fight, Cotto had thrown big blows yet Margarito had endured it and won Cotto with TKO at round 11. It was a frustrating fight since, allegedly, Cotto's side and some other critics said Margarito used plasters during the fight which made his power-punches more effective and hurt Cotto terribly.

Now, on their second fight, Cotto seem to have quite an advantage since Margarito had suffered from a broken orbital bone with his last fight against Pacquiao. This has been one great issue, but just few weeks ago, Margarito's medical team confirmed that he's in a great shape, his injury had a great recovery and is healthy for the fight.

Yet, no matter what, all controversies and issues will be left aside when these two great boxers enter the ring in the land they call "The Mecca", New York.

You can watch live streams with these stream sites, I hope they could help you enjoy the fight.