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things i hate about you

I hate it when you dazzle me with those teeth,
The way you smile just makes my heart skip a beat.

I hate how you make me stay up so late,
Oh God, is this how it feels to wait?

I hate it when you look at me like that,
It makes me forget the world and say, "So what?!"

I hate how you play me a song,
And act like there's nothing wrong.

I hate it when you lock your fingers with mine,
Every awful thing becomes better than fine.

I hate how your breath brush my hair,
Please tell me I'm not being unfair.

I hate it when you kiss my lips passionately,
Every inch of me yearns for more incredibly.

I hate how your embrace crash my every bone,
Could it be that happiness is this so hard to own?

I hate how you tighten my grip around your waist,
And feel the warmth of your hands on my face.

I hate how we play games and run off together,
It makes me ask for more, "Baby can we stay like this like forever?"

I hate it when you whisper in my ear
Everything vanishes, most especially my fear.

I hate it when you say "I love you",
At the back of my mind I've been screaming "I love you too."

I hate how you make me love you,
So unhealthy, I know she feels the same way as I do.

I hate not hating you,
Not now, not ever, not even in a year or two.

And I hate not being with you,
Not doing the things that we do,
Not just because I miss you,