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baby love

        They met on a cold summer night. She was just right there, plainly and innocently watching him as he tied his shoelace. She didn't have a crush on him, she hadn't even have the slightest idea why he has this certain effect on her. She's only six years old and she doesn't know anything about love or infatuation for that matter. All she knows is that she wanted to be near the boy..........the boy who smiled at her after lifting his head up, the boy who instantly noticed the girl staring at him. And that was the start of a friendship, so valuable and inevitable, neither of them has thought of.
       He came to her that night, and asked her if they could be playmates, even just for that night. "Even until tomorrow night, and the  night after next", she said to herself. But instead, she smiled back and said "Yes! I'd love to." And he showed his palm, waited for hers. And they ran off together, hands perfectly fitted. At their age, questions of science need not be answered. It was a choice both of them had chosen to discover, to unravel. They didn't mind that any moment, their time of being together would have to end temporarily. They spent their time wisely, making each second memorable as if it were their last, as if tomorrow never comes. Hand in hand, they had the most amazing experience of security, of her being in safe hands and him in a state of bliss. This mutual feeling between them was seen by the people around them but could not quite explain why or how. Not even them could figure out how on earth that at a young age, two hearts could possibly beat as one. As mysterious as it was for them -  fate, or destiny, or choice, or whatever one may call it, it is real. 
       They have no idea when will they see each other again, but one thing's for sure - they know they have to meet again. Nine long years would not be bad enough to become playmates one more time. Changes may be present, but she will always be that plain and innocent little girl who would enjoy watching him, even on how he ties his shoelace, who will always want nothing else but to be near the boy she used to know. And him? He will constantly notice the girl who stares at him, who would want nothing else but to hold her hand once again............and this time, he's not letting her go. And by now, they will have an answer -
they are inevitably and irrevocably made for each other.