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born this way.

Flirting is an art. It makes you feel energized and exposes underlying wants and desires. It doesn't necessarily imply or require deep attachment, but it surely will let you captivate and draw the attention of the opposite sex. One might ask, "Why do you flirt?". And a good flirt will answer "It's easy like 1-2-3: Because I enjoy it - it's human nature"...It's a diversion we all need to get accustomed to.

Let's put it this way:
When you see a canvass, it's like some kind of a magnet draws you nearer to it, without even understanding why is that so. You take note of the details, try to read and communicate with it. And suddenly, you found yourself loving it..and imagine yourself not able to live without it. That canvass flirted with you, gained your curiosity, played with your innocence and made you fall for it. A mere flirtation led to something crucial, to something worthwhile while you still have it, to something deadly when it slips out of your hand. And yet here you are, trying to regain what was lost, trying to revive the life that has been stolen, trying to stand up and look forward to another encounter with hopefully a better canvass, better than anything you thought was already good enough, better than the one that made you pick up the another canvass that would value you like a businessman values his investments and profits.

Our wants and desires are being driven by our choices and how deep we starve ourselves emotionally. FLIRTING is an art, and it defines how good an artist you are..and how well you have mastered the craft.