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Classes are about to end. Students are in a rush. Deadlines should be met. Everybody else are on the go. All these for what? The satisfaction one can get from adrenaline-causing-heart-pounding-stressful moments is always the best escape from the harsh world of uncertainties.

Escape - it would have been nice for such a word to be put to life. It would have been easier that way. Escaping without knowing where you're heading to. Seeing everyone else pass through the exit makes me wonder  if they care to stop and stare at the sign - the sign which seems to be so ordinary, I won't even bother to waste my time. But then again, exit means you're on your way out. You have nowhere else to go, but out. At least you can always be sure of your destination. You can always breathe easily once you've found yourself free, once you've safely reach the end. Considering it's for emergency purposes, it's like a pushed-button alarm clock signaling you to wake up, reminding you that all dreams have to come to an end. However, others would rather forget about it. Others would just prefer to get stuck to where they believe they can find where they can experience refuge. For all we know, reality has nothing good to offer them. Escape - once again....

We may look at it differently, but exit has served its purpose. Either to bring us to where we want to be, or to where we should be. As for me, I will always look forward to being on the go, to being always in a rush.........and he will always be my EXIT, my happiness, my sweetest escape.