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Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City Thunders AT 1:00PM EST Live Here!

overall CHAMPS

need we say more? tim's a genius!

Who would have thought that last minute decisions do work? Artistry and creativity plus talents and guts----a complete package embodied in a gorgeous-filled section."K AHHHHHH". We're oozing with hotness and we're born to win.. :)

capturing bill's GERALD ANDERSON pose!

F-U-N. Once in a while, we need to unwind and let loose of all the stress and mind boggling daily activities of being nursing students. And we give our best shots to enjoy this one of a kind diversion. Hail juniors for making it to the top. Amidst hardships and struggles, we'll continue to stand out. Hail future seniors!!!

Let's raise our glasses and drink to that! :)